Powerline 6V/12V – 1Amp

Powerline 6V/12V – 1Amp


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– Compact design
– With auto memory function after Power restart
– Full Power charging
– 6V / 12V 1A for motorcycle batteries

Model 6V/12V 1A
Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Input Cable With Cable (Wall Plug Case)
Fast Charging Current 6VDC/12VDC at 1A +/-10%
Detect Battery Performance 6V & 12V Lead-Acid Batteries
Battery Capacity 1.2AH – 20AH
Double LED (Green & Red) Indication Fasting Charging OR Full Charging
Select Switching 6V OR 12V Battery Charging
Material Of Housing Polycarbonate
Operation Temperature 0℃ – 30℃
Approval CE / GS
Proof Water Grade IP 65
Application Used in Motorbike, Car or Vehicles

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Charging current (A) 1Amp 7Amp
Charging voltage (V) 6V/12V 12V
For battery:
Open WET
Maintenance free
To charge battery capacity 1.2-24Ah 20Ah – 200Ah
To maintain battery capacity 1.2-24Ah 20Ah – 300Ah
Microprocessor controlled
Charging steps:
Float charge
Overcharge protection
Allow for safe contiounus charge
Recovery function
IP rating
Charge Status indiations:
Battery defect
Wrong connection
Wrong polarity
Short circuit
Charging progress indication
Full charge indication
230V power on
built-in protection
EMC free
Reversed polarity Protection
Spark free protection
Mechanical features
Length of Dc cables
Length of AC 230V cable
DC charging clips fully insulated
Material of housing PC
Fire retardant material
Dimensions 225x108x55 mm


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